Michael’s High School Graduation

Tonia and I are not empty nesters yet, but I will say that one of the strangest sensations I have ever had is that of knowing that my youngest child is graduating from high school.  Michael will be moving on to BYU Idaho in the fall (Devin will be going back to BYU Provo, and Tamara will be returning to a program in physical therapy here in Austin).  In other words, the feeling of not having young kids in school brings a bizarre combination of pride and fear.  There’s a fear of not having any children at home. (What will we do with our Friday nights?  For the past 8 years we’ve gone to the football games to watch Devin or Michael perform in the band.)  Now what?  But there is also a sense of pride in knowing that they are doing OK.

So, although I don’t believe that graduating from high school is necessarily the world’s highest accomplishment academically, I do feel the emotion of the moment because of what it means for the “empty nest.”  Maybe that is why our society makes such a big deal out of high school graduation–it’s the sign that the children will be leaving. And that is exactly how it has left me feeling.  It’s the moment when after 18 years of taking care of a child, it’s time to move on.



3 Responses to “Michael’s High School Graduation”

  1. Wolfgang Kelm Says:

    The “empty nest” syndrome cloud is not all bad. It has a brilliant silver lining. Find that and enjoy it. We did.

    Love, Dad

  2. Tamara Says:

    empty nest? what about the 27 year old you can’t get to leave? =)

  3. Bethany Womack Says:

    you get to watch them grow up in a different way 🙂

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