Sending sons off to college

Our 1992 Plymouth Colt is carrying some extremely precious cargo today.  Devin and Michael are driving to Utah/Idaho.  Devin will be returning to BYU Provo, now majoring in Statistics and starting his junior year.  Michael will begin his college life by living in the dorms at BYU Idaho and getting his first taste of university-level classes.  It’s all left me feeling a little weird.  One one end I’m anxious to see them moving on, on the other end I’m missing them already.  Devin got all of the sports genes and it’s been great to have him around this summer to play some basketball and to share in the olympics.  Michael has never not been here and I’m already feeling a little lost without him.  He has a interesting way of singing instead of talking sometimes.  Who would have thought that I would ever had missed that, let along have it be the first thing that comes to mind.  And the Plymouth Colt has been a part of our lives since we bought it 16 years ago.  So three cheers for my boys.  I’m proud of them, I love them, and I sure hope that they arrive safely in a car that gets them all the way to their destination.



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