Helping Hands

In Brazil it’s called “mãos que ajudam” and here in the US it’s called “helping hands.”  As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we always hear and read about the LDS crews that help out after disasters and storms destroy areas.  This weekend I had my first chance to actually be part of “helping hands.” You might say that we earned those yellow t-shirts. We headed down to Lake Jackson to help clean up things from Hurricane Ike.  What a great day. How the organizers were able to arrange the maps, directions, and job orders was amazing.  Our crew of 7 worked like crazy all day, a bunch of “city folks” packing chainsaws around, pretending to be lumberjacks.  No doubt, the 400+ volunteers put in thousands of hours of work which can only help the residents of Lake Jackson as they put their homes and lives back together.  It was a privilege to spend the day with them.  This picture shows members of our crew with Janie and her friends, who worked just as hard as we did.  That big old pecan tree is now just an old memory.



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