Online interviews about language learning

IMG_3276I do feel weird at times with self promotion, but sometimes I participate in interviews with people who like to talk about language learning and intercultural issues.  I recently did two such interviews, so I thought it would be nice to post the URLs, so that others can listen to them too.

The first was recorded at KOOP Radio here in Austin, with Michael Froehls, who hosts the show “The Global Wanderer”.  We had a nice chat about intercultural awareness and language learning.  After listening to this interview, you may want to check out some his other interviews.  It’s a pretty interesting collection and he’s a fascinating guy.

A few weeks ago I did another interview with Jenny Zhu, who is the co-founder of OpenLanguage.   I have admired her work for years, and so it was great fun to discuss what it means to be a polyglot.  You may enjoy listening to this interview too.  Similarly, I invite you to check out OpenLanguage.  They have really innovative ways to presenting online learning of foreign languages.

Myself, I’ve been a sort of global wanderer too this summer:  Belgium, Germany, Alaska, Korea, Peru, Chile, Utah/Idaho, and that has all been in the past 13 weeks. Brazil is still around the corner, and then things will settle down.

Hope you enjoy the interviews.

PS  The photo was taken at Termo Chilca, just outside of Lima, Peru where they are building a new power plant, converting natural gas to electricity.



One Response to “Online interviews about language learning”

  1. Mike Says:

    Sounds like you’re living the life! Pretty jealous of your opportunity to travel so extensively! 😀

    If you get the chance you should check out BRIC Language Systems and let me know what you think.

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