Conversa Brasileira available at

brazilpod_logoHere at the University of Texas I associate a lot with everyone at COERLL, which stands for the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning. The center’s mission is to develop and share open educational resources (OERs) in language learning materials.  I really admire their vision and approach to education and foreign language learning.  For me personally, all of my online Portuguese and Spanish materials are available on their site and it’s an honor to be associated with them.

This week we released a hard copy version of our Conversa Brasileira video series.  The hard copy is available for sale at, and sells for the crazy low price of $25.  Here’s the direct URL:

I mention it here in this blog because this represents and interesting new twist in language learning.  It used to be that language textbooks were only available through publishing companies, and usually for extremely high prices.  Now, especially with Open Education Resources, there are thousands of online materials for the study of foreign languages.  Still, students and learners often like to have a hard copy that brings everything together in a book format.  Clearly the online materials are spread all over the place, and sometimes it is just comfortable to put it all together. is just one of the many providers of self-published books, but for the folks at COERLL, it has become a very convenient and cost effective way of providing users with a hard copy of the online materials.

So, check it out.  Our hard copy version of Conversa Brasileira doesn’t contain anything that is not online, but it does give you a 350-page compilation of everything in one place.  The $25 bucks is a great deal, anyone can order it from anywhere, and it ships in about 3-5 days.




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