Shout out to language teachers, especially those who teach younger students

IMG_0300I feel like I’ve just been given a new gift (kind of like the flowers in this picture). I spend most of my day with adult learners of foreign languages.  University students are part of my daily routine, and I love to be with them.  This past weekend I attended the ACTFL Conference, which brings together about 7,000 language learning professionals.  Today’s blog post is a shout out to the language teachers of students in elementary, middle school, and high school.  Ya’ll are heroes, cutting-edge-in-the-trenches-grade-A-awesome fireballs!  Thanks to you, I learned tons about language teaching this past week end.  Thanks to you I now follow Srta. Rodriguez on Pinterest who has over 4,000 pins of Spanish language learning materials.  You gotta check her site out:

And thanks to Shaun Johnson, I now know how to create those shortcut URLs to share my items that are saved on google drive.  You gotta check out his blog posts too:

Others showed me how they are using wevideo, replay, powtoon, memries.  They have third graders using garage band, pixie, google sites, Kahoot, a million other programs.

Truly, I was blown away all weekend long by the number of creative, tech savvy, dedicated, and energy-filled teachers of elementary school students, middle school students, and high school students.  A word of warning to those of us at universities, we’ve got to step it up because when those students hit university studies, they are going to look at us dinosaurs and wonder why we can’t get with the times.

One Response to “Shout out to language teachers, especially those who teach younger students”

  1. ES Says:

    Orlando, back in the day I learned a lot from your Tá Falado podcast. Really appreciated.

    I was just looking at your Conversa Brasileira series and noticed how much thought was put into the planning of this. Which is why I thought you might take a bit of an interest in what I’ve put together on my website (it’s English for Brazilians).

    Quickly, the main aspects are:
    1. Ability to easily seek the audio to wherever in the text you want to hear
    2. Lots of examples and explanations all throughout the text (similar to your popup bubbles in Coversa Brasileira)
    3. Ability to selectively save examples (which all have real audio) and practice them with a built-in spaced-repetition learning system (sign in with Facebook to see this).
    4. The flashcards can be downloaded into a single MP3 file, which is great for on-the-go people, and is also great for improving listening.

    Anyway, it’s in its infant stages, and I’ll probably have to move towards Youtube-only material to keep the site 100% legal.

    I’d be open to sharing the technology I use for creating the posts if you ever wanted to make material for learning Portuguese.


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